Friday, May 6

Coupons 101: Tips and Tricks

Now that you are a coupon queen, I'm going to be ending this week by answering some questions I've received.

1. Do you stockpile like the people on TLC's Extreme Couponing?

No. It's extreme for a reason. I love finding a good deal and the thrill of using coupons to get a good deal on something, but I'll never have use for 1,100 tubes of toothpaste. That is called hoarding. I will stockpile necessary items that I know we'll need and use in the coming months {not years}. Like I explained a few days ago, sales repeat themselves about every 8-12 weeks so it's not like you'll never see that deal again.

2. How do I get coupons to more of the products I use?

Three ways. One way is to sign up for free samples. Not only are you getting a free sample {which are great to use as travel items} but they usually send you a high value coupon with it. The second way is to like them on Facebook. Many companies are now giving away free items and coupons on their Facebook pages. The last way is to write the company. Tell them about the products you use that you love and can't live without. They'll usually send you a high value coupon or a coupon for a free product as thanks for giving them feedback. 

3.  How should I give my coupons to the cashier? Is there any way that is better?

Yes. First off, you usually want to use your MQ coupons first and then store coupons. Sometimes there's a glitch in the computer system that causes it to beep and then each coupon needs to be entered manually. I also like to hand each coupon to the cashier individually. That way I know that it's being entered in correctly, and I can make sure that each coupon is used for the correct item. I don't recommend you handing a stack of coupons over to the cashier. Too many times they get stuck together, or one gets missed, etc. 
I also suggest that you keep a copy of the store's written coupon policy with you. Many cashiers are unaware of their own stores policies and will refuse to work with you. However, if you are knowledgeable about the company's policy, you should not have any problems. 

4. Where can I find more information about couponing and frugal living?

It was less than one year ago that I left my job and had to figure out a new means for living. Simple Google searches will lead you to thousands of websites with people's tips and tricks for living frugally. I learned a lot about shopping with coupons by following the blogs I listed for you previously. Happy Homemaker Cindy has some great videos about how to coupon and live frugally as well.

I hope this series has helped you! I'd love to hear about how using coupons is helping you. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you!

Happy Shopping,

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