Monday, April 25

do you have "Icanmakethat" syndrome?

If you even have to ask what that is, then you don't have it. So for those who are curious, icanmakethat syndrome is very serious. It causes an otherwise normal, rational human being to forgo making a purchase of a pretty item, at any type of pretty-item store (boutique, card shop, craft fair, etc.) because they feel that their crafting skills are far superior to actually pay American dollars for said pretty item. However, when someone is suffering from icanmakethat syndrome all common sense and knowledge that the patient has had in the past has been clearly erased from their memory. 

Here's a classic example. Women are walking around with their craft-minded friends at the local craft fair when they all spy something adorable. Upon closer examination, they have looked past the actual beauty of the item and are now looking deeply at said item to figure out how it was made. Sure, the person who made the item is sitting only 3 ft. away from them, and they could ask how it was made, but that would just be RUDE! So these women suffering from icanmakethat syndrome have been "shopping" for 4 hours, however, they come home with nothing. The evening is then spent searching google,, and watching youtube videos on how to make all the cute things they saw that day. The next day the ladies go out to their favorite craft store and spend $759 on all the material they will need to make all the cute things they saw from the day before {before you panic, they did have a 40% off coupon}. The next few weeks they squeeze in time to craft what they can here and there. A month later, one project is complete. The ladies feel oh so accomplished when the neighbor comes over and compliments them on the loveliness of their creation. After giving her neighbor a brief tutorial about how it was done, she calls up her girlfriends, because they need a little retail therapy after all their hard work!

So, please, know that this is a serious condition and educate yourself. It's affecting so many suburban white mothers. And with access to the internet, cases are on the rise. It is only treatable in one way...........failure! 

I, however, am a recovering from icanmakethat syndrome. Yep, that's right. I failed.........once.

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